Thank you for your willingness to share information about the applicant. It is our desire to help individuals grow and discover the gifts they have been given. By filling out this reference, we are able to learn more about our applicants which will help us determine the best position for them. Please share your feedback by filling in the information below based on your relationship with the applicant. Thank you again for your time and we look forward to speaking with you soon.
                                                                           -The Branches Team 

About the Applicant

Answer the following questions about the applicant? *
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They show qualities of a leader
They are capable of fulfill a roll where others depend on them
They understand and show empathy to others
They are responsible
They respect confidentiallity
They avoid conflict
They respect others opinions and views
They work well in group
They handle stress well
They are motivated


Based on your personal relationship with this person *
Does this person spiritually influence others
Does this person's life reflect strong morals
Does this person participate in a community or church family
Does this person encourage others to participate

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