2023 Nomination form

Create a Formsite account and store your password for future use. Next, the board suggests you complete your nomination in another document, saved to your computer. Once you have completed the nomination form, copy and paste the information into this form. 


Timeline for Submission: For the 2023 nominations, applications must be received by May 30, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. Nominations will be reviewed and considered for selection by a panel of judges. Honorees will be selected, and the Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame will publish their names in October. All Honorees and nominators will be notified by mail.

Instructions: Completed Nomination Forms must be submitted electronically to the Hall of Fame using this nomination formOnly nominations received electronically on the official Nomination Form will be accepted for review.

  • It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that the information submitted is accurate. If your nominee is living, the board suggests you contact her to confirm dates, names, locations, and ask which accomplishments she would like recognized. 
  • An individual may nominate herself.
  • She must be 65 or older by May 30, 2023, or deceased.
  • Her contributions should be a community, state-wide, or of national importance and enduring value. 

Selection Processes:  A committee of Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame alumne will review all the nominations submitted and select the class of 2023.

Questions: Call Bonnie Jack at 907-279-4836 or email us at alaskawhof@gmail.com






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What area did your nominee primarily make contributions in? *
Describe the ways in which the nominee’s contributions have been of the greatest value for Alaska and/or to the empowerment of women. (Nominees must be leaders in their field of accomplishment.) Check the boxes if you agree with the following statements: * *