10-Day Detox Program

Upcoming Fall 10 Day Detox Program Date:
November 13-22nd
The core of this 10 day program focuses on supporting you to:
- Lose weight/de-bloat that belly
- Lose stubborn inches fast!
- Gain new energy
- Tap into your body's fat burning capabilities through food timing
- Discover new foods and food timing for optimal health and results
- Detox and cleanse the crud that no longer serves your body or mind
- Think clearer - sleep better!
- Improve digestion, hormomal imbalances, and skin health
- Build a stronger immune system for the season ahead (proactive health is always our goal too!)
- Discover whole food supplements and essential oils that will help you to be proactive in your healthcare
- This program will be available to you from Oct 2nd through the end of November so you can refer back to it, use it, ask questions/get support anytime during that time

10-Day Detox Registration

$35 plus supplements + food
Your paid registration includes:
  1. Coaching program and support from Health Coach & Certified Holisitc Health Practitoner, Alicia Stephens in our Private Coaching Group 
  2. Daily Text Reminders in your 10 day program (NEW option if you choose to Opt-into daily reminder below)
  3. Program guide book download (that you can use and re-use time and time again - we recommend this for long term weight loss goals)
  4. Access to the Love thy Health recipe library for easy & delish recipes
  5. READY TO GET STARTED?  Complete the information below.  
  6. Invite a friend!  It is incredible to have support with a buddy through this!
(new customers will be required to order these with registration):
doTERRA Terrazyme Digestive Enzymes $37.50 
doTERRA PB Assist Probiotics $34.50 
doTERRA Zendocrine Softgels $24.50
doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil $10
We will send you a list of foods to buy to prep for your program once you have registered.  Our program is focused around some intermittent fasting, green smoothies or juices, anti-inflammatory foods similar to a paleo based type of program with a few outside food group exceptions.  Rest assured, you will enjoy delicious foods, drinks and snacks on this program as well as gut healing foods.

Get started!

Please select which items you need for your program below. Please note New Members are required to order the supplements with their registration. Current members can order on their own account. Local tax and $3.99 shipping will be added.

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All information provided will be kept 100% confidential and secure.  Once you complete registration, you will receive a email with instructions on how we will prepare you for your program and finalize your program order to meet your goals/needs.  No refunds will be issued once registration and shipment is fully completed.
Alicia Stephens, HC
Love thy Health Company
e: lovethyhealthcompany@gmail.com
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