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Annual Membership dues are submitted monthly in the amount of $5.50 per new member.

Please only report and send dues payment for NEW members each month. Please fill out this form and pay your membership dues via PayPal just ONCE a month. If you have ZERO new members this month, please indicate so below. 

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR MEMBERSHIP ROSTER VIA EMAIL TO MEMBERSHIP@AZPTA.ORG. HIGHLIGHT ANY NEW MEMBERS FOR THE MONTH YOU ARE REPORTING. Sample roster to use for submissions is located on our website here:http://www.azpta.org/membership  

Total of New Members This Reporting Period
Arizona PTA is pleased to be offering a printable membership card. Please email membership@azpta.org for more information. Arizona PTA is no longer printing membership cards to mail to units, however we are pleased to partner with Office Depot/Office Max for a discount to PTA members for them to print cards (and for other products and services). Email membership@azpta.org for more information.
For the Arizona PTA Standards of Affiliation (Good Standing) Checklist please visit: AZ PTA Standards of Affiliation Checklist
Arizona PTA no longer accepts payment by check or payments mailed to the Arizona PTA office.  If you are unable to submit payment online please email membership@azpta.org.
Clicking Continue will take you to a PayPal page - you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to submit payment.  Those without a PayPal account will be able to use a debit/credit card by continuing as a 'guest' on the next page.