Request form for the 2020 Financial Year

Priority processing will be applied to clients wishing to pay by credit card, deduct from refund or fee funders. Pay on invoice does not apply however you will still need to provide your bank details for Lowthers to deposit any refunds due to you.

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Bank Account Details
By agreeing for Lowthers to have your tax refund credited to our Trust Account and we will deduct our fee and direct credit the balance to you. i\We request that you arrange with IRD to have my\our tax refund credited to your trust account and for you to deduct your accounting fee and pay the balance to our bank account by direct credit. *
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We will notify you when processing is completed and when your Credit Card account is to be debited.
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Fee Funders
Fee Funders is an external company that assists clients in paying off their Accounting Fees over a 6 month period. A letter and application form will be sent to you upon completion of your accounts. Please note that Fee Funders will only fund invoices over $1000.