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If approved, applications will be processed and mailed to your veterinarian on the 1st of the month and we will send you a confirmation email from 
Thank you for your interest in the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay and Neuter Assistance Program. Please submit an application for each pig in need of assistance. Application processing days are on the 1st of each month. If approved, a $50 assistance check and a microhip (if selected) will be mailed directly to your veterinarian to assist in this spay or neuter, so long as funds are available. Please ensure your appointment date, veterinarian's mailing address and contact information is accurate. Failure to provide accurate information may delay or void your eligibility for assistance.
The American Mini Pig Rescue's Spay, Neuter, and Microchip Assistance Fund is made possible in part by the support and efforts of the AMPA - American Mini Pig Association, Pigglz, and Pig Gear. We need your help to continue providing assistance to pigs in need! Donate at

Please DO NOT apply for assistance until you have a spay or neuter appointment scheduled with a cost estimate of the procedure, we will not be able to fulfill these requests.
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If your pig does not have a microchip, would you like us to send one FREE to your veterinarian to insert during surgery? This will help us to reunite you with your pig if they are lost or end up at a shelter. *

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This information will be used to mail your veterinarian a $50 spay neuter assistance check. Please ensure all information is correct. Failure to provide accurate information may delay or void your spay neuter assistance eligibility. Assistance is only available to scheduled surgeries (not past surgeries) if we are given enough time to process the application and mail the check. 

You may also ask your veterinarian if they are a member of the American Mini Pig Education Veterinary Outreach Program and if they offer discounts for AMPA Members or rescue situations.
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