Dhanurmasam 2017 Registration

Devotee's Information

Name & Nakshathram 


Dhanurmasa Pooja


Special Poojas

Grand Sponsorship includes all of the following:

  1. Nitya Archana in Dhanurmasam Month
  2. Daily Tiruppavai Chanting
  3. Vaikunta Ekadasi Archana on Dec 29th
  4. Sudarsana Homam on Jan 1st
  5. Koodarai Archana and Silver cup Jan. 11th
  6. Edurukola on Jan 13th
  7. Goda Kalyanam on Jan 14th
  8. Pushpa Kainkaryam
  9. Tadiyaradana
  10. Andal Goshti / SV Kalyanam at their home

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