This online form is for the sole purpose of nominating members of the Aloha Section PGA for 2018
ALOHA SECTION PGA SPECIAL AWARDS. Any member in good standing may nominate himself/herself or a fellow member for any of the awards.

Ineligible categories of members include winners of the award within the last (2) years, Class "F" and "Inactive" members, and Apprentices. Below is a complete list of previous winners from the last two (2) years for you to use as a reference.
                  AWARD                                               2016                                      2017         
Golf Professional of the Year                         Tom Sursely                                David Havens
Assistant Golf Professional of the Year          Robert Respicio                          Kevin Shimomura
President's Plaque                                       David Havens                               Renee Lee
Teacher of the Year                                       Eddie Lee                                   Ben Hongo 
Horton Smith Trophy                                     Claude Brousseau                        Paul Ogawa 
Bill Strausbaugh Award                                  Travis Joerger .                           Scott Carroll
Junior Golf Leader                                         Kevin Shimomura                         Sutee Nitakorn
Merchandiser Public                                        NONE                                         Lee Kagawa
Merchandiser Private                                       Patrick Clary                               Shaun Steile
Merchandiser Resort                                       Marcus Judge                               Scott Ashworth
Sales Representative of the Year                     Keith Kodani                                 Neal Takara