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Tokyu Group Scholarship Personal Reference Form 
As a personal reference for the scholarship applicant, we would like your help to share with us additional information about the applicant. In a typed letter and to the best of your knowledge, please provide a response to each of the following questions in a written letter of reference. When completed, please attach your letter in Word or PDF format below. 
1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity? 
2. Why do you believe the applicant will be successful in a professional career? 
3. What is your assessment of the applicant's academic ability? 
4. What is your assessment of the applicant's community service or involvement? 
5. Describe the applicant's participation in golf to the extent of your knowledge? 
6. Are there any unique factors that make the applicant especially worth of receiving academic support? (special talents, need for financial assistance, single-parent income, etc.) 
On your letter of recommendation, please also include: 
- Your Full Name and Signature
- Contact Number / Email 
- Position/Title
- Name of Applicant 
- Relationship to Applicant 
- Date of Letter