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This questionnaire is vital for the advice and support that we will provide for you.

It will help us

(a) identify the best universities and courses for you

(b) identify strengths that we can use in your application package and

(c) identify any possible weaknesses that need to be addressed before you apply.

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Please be honest with your answers and answer each question in as much depth as possible.  UK universities assess applications very differently from universities in Romania and all the questions are linked to your application package.

When you have completed the form it will become the basis of your initial counselling interview.

Section 1 - Personal Details


Section 2 - Your school and school achievements

Section 3 - Your life outside school

Work Experience - Give details of any work experience you have had. You should include paid work (working in a shop, factory, etc) AND any placements to gain an insight into a particular profession.
 What Did You Do?Dates (Duration)

Section 4 - Studying Abroad

At this stage your ideas about what and where you want to study might be quite vague.  This is not a problem at all.  What is more important are your reasons for wanting to study outside Romania.

Read the statements and select your preferences.
 Totally AgreePartially AgreeDisagree
I would like to study in a self-contained campus university near a small town or in the countryside
I would like to study in a self-contained campus university in or near a city
I would like to study at an old university in an old small - medium sized city or town
I would like to study at a large city university (London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, etc)
I would love to study in London!

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