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Employment/Experience History
(minimum of three years in a position responsible for post blast incidents)

Do we have permission to publish your certification (name only) in the The Detonator and on the IABTI website? *

Documentation must be shown in the form of a certificate, transcript or letter issued to you by the institution who provided the training. Transcripts and letters must have a course description, syllabus or outline included with the application. All training documentation must indicate, the participants’ name, the institution the training was presented by, total number of training hours, and date(s) the training was received. All copies of certificates, transcripts and letters must be legible.

Post Blast Investigations Course/Training (minimum of one (1) 40 hour Course) or Equivalent: (Local, Regional, National or IABTI Certification Committee Recognized Training Program Hands-on Training Program)

Investigative Course(s)/Training - Minimum of a 40 hours of training in criminal investigations or intelligence. This is cumulative. (Local, Regional, National, or IABTI Certification Committee Recognized Training Program, including, academic courses).

General investigative/Post Blast training (120 hours cumulative): (Local, Regional, National, or IABTI Certification Committee Recognized Training Program, including, academic courses which relates to the investigation of post blast scenes, explosive device construction, explosion effects, crime scene investigations, weapons intelligence, or criminalists/forensic laboratory analysis).

Non-member applicants for certification must submit two letters of endorsement. Endorsements are required from the applicant’s employer/supervisor and/or persons who have knowledge of the applicant’s experience  and position as a practitioner in the field of Post Blast Investigations as described by the IABTI Certification Program Operations Manual.  (If you are a current member of IABTI, this does not apply to you).

CODE OF ETHICS - "As a Certified International Post Blast Investigator, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind, to safeguard lives and property, to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the inalienable rights of all men to liberty, equality, and justice. I will refrain from exercising professional or personal conduct adverse to the best interests and purposes of the IABTI. I will refrain from providing any material misrepresentation of education, training, experience, or area of expertise. I will refrain from providing any material misrepresentation of information related to my work and render opinions/conclusions strictly in accordance with the evidence in the case (hypothetical or real) and only to the extent justified by the evidence. I will not make statements in written reports, public addresses, or testimony that are not accurate/correct, scientific or logically based. I will act at all times in a completely impartial manner by employing scientific and/or systematic methodologies to reach logical, unbiased conclusions and by reporting all findings in a clear, concise manner. I will treat all information related to an investigation, agency, or employer with the appropriate level of confidentiality. I will refrain from making any public statements, which appear to represent the position of the IABTI or Certification Program Committee, without obtaining prior specific authorization from the IABTI Executive Board and the CIPBI Program Committee."

CERTIFICATION AGREEMENT As an applicant/certified person of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) , I humbly accept the responsibility to be actively engaged in the profession of Post Blast Investigations. As a professional, I accept the professional code of ethics as set forth by the IABTI. Additionally, I acknowledge that the IABTI Certified International Post Blast Investigator (CIPBI) and all logos associated with it, are the sole property of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI). This credential or post-nominal title is for professional use under the authority of the IABTI. This credential or title may be withdrawn for violation of the association code of ethics, maintaining/continuing association membership, or successfully completing the requirements for re-certification (required every five years) as determined by the certification committee.

The information listed on this application for certification is accurate and reflects the education / professional development activities in which I have participated. I understand that the IABTI Professional Certification Committee will verify some or all of the information contained on this form and I agree to authorize the release of this information for certification purposes. Additionally, I understand that I will also be required to successfully complete a practical examination. This examination must be completed by memory and will cover various topics from my training, experience, and references determined by the certification committee.

CIPBI Acknowledgement *