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Beeping Eggs / Egg Components
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Through our "Rachel Project", the IABTI provides Beeping Eggs (or related components) for organizations to host events for the visually impaired. 
The IABTI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and funds this worthwhile program
through various means.  So that we accommodate new requests each year,
the IABTI suggests that the eggs be recycled and utilized year after year. 
This will allow for new groups to receive this assistance annually.
For news on previous events, as well as suggestions and "how to host", please see:

Ordering Options

The IABTI offers two choices: fully assembled eggs or the components to build the eggs.
(Please note: neither option includes the 9V batteries that are needed to make these functional).
These are completed, ready-to-use Beeping Eggs
ASSEMBLY REQUIRED:  Include a large plastic egg, switch, piezo beeper, and battery clip
These are typically reserved for a unit or squad interested in using their electronics skills to build the completed eggs.

                         Beeping Eggs                                   Components

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I hereby agree that I will not sell these Beeping Eggs/Components, nor will I falsely report or otherwise insinuate that I came across these Beeping Eggs/Components anywhere other than through the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI).

This also enables others to learn about IABTI's Beeping Egg program, in hopes that it will benefit more and more every year. This project means a lot to the kids and families who participate, but volunteers and coordinators, such as yourselves who make the event possible reap even greater rewards. *

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