Ellerslie Participant Agreement

In order to honor those with health and safety concerns, Ellerslie has adopted some specific health and safety protocols for those attending our 2021 programs. Please take a moment to read and fill out this form in its entirety. We appreciate your cooperation!
I understand that if I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within 7 days prior to my arrival at Ellerslie, I will not be permitted to attend sessions or stay as a guest on the Ellerslie Campus until I am no longer contagious. (If this is the case please contact us at info@ellerslie.com to discuss options.) * If I have been knowingly exposed to COVID-19 within 7 days of my arrival, I agree to notify the Ellerslie staff prior to my arrival so we can work together to make the best decision about my arrival and participation. *
I understand that if I am experiencing any symptoms of cold, flu, or potentially contagious illness, I should contact Ellerslie at info@ellerslie.com to discuss my situation. *
I understand that upon my arrival to the Ellerslie Campus, I will be screened for any symptoms of COVID-19 before I will be allowed to check into my room or attend sessions or gatherings. I understand that if I display symptoms or fever upon my arrival, I will not be permitted to check in. (Note: if you are a student, our staff will work with your situation to help make other arrangements for you.) *
I understand that if I begin to display any symptoms during my stay at Ellerslie, I will be required to self-isolate from other students, guests, and staff. (Note: if you are a student, our staff will work with you to arrange meals and view sessions digitally.) *
I understand that face coverings will NOT be required or provided, and that the Ellerslie staff will NOT be wearing face coverings -- however, I am welcome to bring my own face covering and wear it if I desire. *
I agree to adhere to these guidelines and understand that if I am uncomfortable following these guidelines, I should not attend. *
I understand that I am choosing to attend this Ellerslie program, or to stay as a guest on the Ellerslie campus, at my own risk and I will not hold the ministry of Ellerslie liable for any health issue that may arise as a result of my participation. *
Participant's signature *
Parent or legal guardian's signature (if participant is under 18 years of age)