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Student Request for Withdrawal
Students who decide not to attend classes beginning the first day of class or later, must process a withdrawal form. Per the student's request, the "Request for Withdrawal" form is initiated and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. The student is withdrawn from all courses based on the withdrawal date on the form and tuition and fees are adjusted, if appropriate according to established policies. Courses taken during the term of withdrawal will not be included on the permanent records nor counted as part of the drop allowance. Half semester courses completed prior to withdrawal will be included on their permanent record. Incompletes will not be accepted for any courses taken during the term student withdraws. 
International students are required by law to have the approval of the Designated School Officials before a withdrawal form Virginia University of Lynchburg can be processed. An international student is required to leave the US within 15 days after withdrawing from the institution. The DSO Office notifies the Federal data base for exchange visitors(SEVIS), and assists the international student with departure plans.
Withdrawal Procedures
Withdrawal procedures must be followed otherwise instructors of the courses involved will assign grades or marks they consider appropriate. Since these grades may be Fs, students are warned that failure to follow the prescribed withdrawal procedures may adversely affect a later application for reentry or transfer to another institution. Students who are considering withdrawal from the University should immediately consult their academic adviser to discuss reasons for the withdrawal and alternatives.
A request for withdrawal during period 3, (i.e., after the last day to drop a course without extenuating circumstances) will not be approved except for circumstances that are beyong the student's control. The Dean of the student's college or his or her designee must approve such requests. Student should check with their college office to find out who is authorized to grant approvals or exceptions on behalf of the Dean. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date on which it is approved by the college Dean, or his or her designee. 
Students should not expect to withdraw during or after the final examination week. Ina situation beyond a student's control, when examinations cannot be completed, arrangements should be made for incompletes rather than withdrawal during final exam week. Students who are on academic probation(P) and withdraw during period 3 will not be permitted to enroll the following term, except under extenuating circumstances. 
To withdraw from the University, students must do the following: Complete a Request for Withdrawal form.
  1. International students only: Consult with the Designated School Official(DSO) as required by Federal law. 
  2. Your loan responsibility & Federal Regulations require that you have an Exit Interview before leaving campus.
  3. Make a copy of your withdrawal form.
  4. Contact the following Offices, if applicable: A. Financial Aid B. Business(Accounts & Loans) C. Residence Halls(Checkout) D. Athletic Department(Equipment Return) E. Library(Books returned) F. Registrar's Office(Veterans Certifying Officials).
Request for Withdrawal
Per the student's request, the request for withdrawal form is initiated and submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar. The student is withdrawn from all courses based on the withdrawal date on the form, and tuition and Fees are adjusted, if appropriate according to established policies.
Advisers: Make sure an international student has contacted the Designated Student Official(DSO)
Tuition adjustment, if applicable, is based on withdrawal date
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