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TeamWorkGPS—Team Readiness Checklist

There are two constants in business. Change is one; another is that teams need certain conditions in order to engage one another and move quickly and effectively to achieve shared goals.

Like the GPS in a car or phone, the TeamWork GPS provides leaders and teams with information about where you are so you can get where you want to go. The TeamWork GPS allows leaders and teams to quickly assess the starting conditions for the next project, quarter, or year.

To go fast and win you need shared clarity (your Guiding Stars), resources and routines (your Provisions), and the competence to perform, lead and work together as a team (Skill).

Guiding Stars (Shared Clarity)Teams need a clear direction (shared clarity of vision, mission, strategy, execution plan, roles, success measures, and accountabilities).

Provisions (Resources and Routines)Teams need a positive environment and culture, efficient structure, simple processes and tools, and adequate resources.

Skill (Aptitude and Attitude) Teams need individual and collective aptitude (knowledge and functional, leadership, and social competence) and the attitude (emotional intelligence and will).

How To Use The TeamWork GPS

Use the TeamWork GPS to periodically assess team conditions. The experience and results will inform a conversation among the team as to what steps might be taken to ensure that the team has what it needs to be successful.

You may choose to survey one team, e.g. Leadership Team or two teams, e.g. Extended Leadership Team (Leadership Team plus direct reports).

Consider each item carefully. For each item the only possible responses are "Yes," "Needs Work," or "No." If, as part of the team, you cannot answer "Yes," select "Needs Work". The survey requires approximately 15 minutes of a respondent's time to complete. 

Step 1—Originator: Enter the following information (you are designated as the Originator).

Are you also the:

Step 2—Enter Team Name

Step 3—Enter the emails of all respondents.

Each email listed will receive an automated email from your email address that contains a link to participate in the TeamWorkGPS. Respondents have seven (7) days to complete the survey.

When all respondents have completed the survey process, a report of results with collected responses and comments is generated and shared back with the originator of the survey and any others designated by the originator. From there, it is up to the leader and team to decide the next best step to create the conditions that will enable you to engage one another and move quickly and effectively to achieve your shared goals. A TeamWork GPS debrief template is included in the report. 

Leadership Team 1 — enter up to 10 email addresses, minimum of 5

Extended Leadership Team 2 — enter up to 20 email addresses

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