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Does your team have what it needs to move quickly and effectively?

To go fast and win you need shared clarity, a solid capacity for leadership and teamwork, and highly coordinated action.

TeamWork GPS (T-GPS) is a 15-item online assessment tool that provides a snapshot of a team’s current state in three categories that comprise the conditions required for team success: Alignment, Bench Strength, Coordinated Action.

Alignment — Shared clarity on the direction (vision, mission, strategy) and plan (structure, roles & responsibilities, systems, processes) to achieve it. 

Bench Strength — Team capacity (functional skills, emotional intelligence) and culture (Openness, adaptability) ensuring a state of constant readiness.

Coordinated Action — Practices and processes enabling ongoing follow up and follow through with tracking and adjustment mechanisms to lead and manage through ever-changing business environments.

Upon completing the email fields and following 15 questions:
  • You will be directed to a payment window
  • The team will will receive their invitations to participate in the TeamWork GPS
 Using TeamWork GPS

TeamWork GPS requires approximately 15 minutes of a respondent's time to complete. 

You may choose to survey one team, e.g. Leadership Team or two teams, e.g. Extended Leadership Team (Leadership Team plus direct reports). 

Step 1—Originator: Enter the following information (you are designated as the Originator).

Are you also the:

Step 2—Enter Team Name

Step 3—Enter the emails of all respondents.

Each email listed will receive an automated email from your email address that contains a link to participate in the TeamWorkGPS. Respondents have seven (7) days to complete the survey.

When all respondents have completed the survey process, a report of results with collected responses and comments is generated and shared back with the originator of the survey and any others designated by the originator. From there, it is up to the leader and team to decide the next best step to create the conditions that will enable you to engage one another and move quickly and effectively to achieve your shared goals. A TeamWork GPS debrief template is included in the report. 

Leadership Team 1 — enter up to 10 email addresses, minimum of 5

Extended Leadership Team 2 — enter up to 20 email addresses