Leadership is the single greatest determinant of organizational variance. Engagement, performance, and organizational change all hinge on the organizational leadership capacity and the abilities of individual leaders to engage others and create high performing teams.
Our research has shown that the most successful leaders push the limits. They have a willingness to go beyond the usual and ordinary to encourage willing, enthusiastic, and repeated engagement and ensure high performance.
The most successful leaders are adept at encouraging engagement and coaching for performance. These competencies require a foundational skill set of thinking carefully, feeling fully, and communicating effectively. The most successful leaders are driven to lead others by continuously working to remain conscious, connected, and concerned for their people. This drive and these skills and competencies typify Ultra Leadership—the will to push past the limits combined with the skill to get people to willingly, enthusiastically, and repeatedly engage and contribute.
This Ultra Leadership Checklist of 48 items will help you determine your next starting point for your leadership journey. Once you complete the Checklist a report will be sent to the email address you provide.