Summer Undergraduate Research Program Assistantship
Submission Deadline: 11:59 PM MST, March 15 annually
Acceptance notifications are contingent upon funding.
This form allows you to enter all the necessary information to apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program Assistantship (SURPASS).
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Links are  provided to upload your personal statement, project description, transcript, and your mentor's project summary and mentoring plan. Please refer to the Proposal Guidelines to prepare these documents.
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A. Does this project involve animal subjects or human subjects (surveys/focus groups/interviews)? *
If yes, the project likely requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval. Discuss this with your mentor and answer the following questions as applicable.
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Proposed Project Mentor/Advisor

Student Personal Information

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Student Academic Information

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Student Finances

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Do you currently work (for wages) on non-research related tasks outside the university? *

Important Note:
If you were to be accepted to SURPASS, you are expected to
  • commit at least 15 hrs/week for 10 weeks from June thru August to conduct research related activities,
  • attend designated COURI sponsored workshops,
  • enroll in the Zero-Credit Undergraduate Research Course (RSRC 4033) of your mentor,
  • may also need to enroll in least 3 semester credit hours (SCH) for any summer session,
  • present at the COURI Summer Symposium at the end of the program.


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