Programs Abroad

The Center for Education Abroad and the Office for Global Engagement are working to bolster support and services for all University travelers, which will include a travel registry (for individuals), travel and program development policysupplemental travel assistance and insurance coverage, as well as trainings and tips for program leaders and travelers. In anticipation of delivering these resources, these offices request that all faculty and staff organizing programs abroad for students indicate their intent to do so by April 7. If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Education Abroad at  

Travel timeframe: Summer '16 through the end of Spring '17 semester
Deadline for submission: April 7, 2016
Location(s) of Program (city, country)
Dates (exact or approximate)
Type of Participants (select all that apply)
Do participants earn academic credit?
Type of Program (select all that apply)
We may also require additional information prior to departure, such as day-by-day itinerary, accommodation & travel info, and names/ positions of all program leaders.
If you have this information available, please upload it.