Walking with Purpose Registration

Walking with Purpose, (WWP) which begins next month is a woman’s Scripture study designed whether you have much or no experience with the Scriptures.  This year’s study of twenty-two sessions is titled Keeping In Balance and explores via many books of the  Scriptures ways to manage life’s pace and pressures while living with calm and steadfastnessWWP begins October 4th with weekly ZOOM sessions on either Sunday or Monday evening at 7pm.  Each evening about twelve women are guided by a facilitator.    Though no fee; there is $40 book which is available via www.walkingwithpurpose.com. There are some copies available at the parish if needed. 

INFO or questions, Contact:  Allison Martinazzi, 410-519-6809, allison@martinazzi.net, or Melinda Deras,  (410) 590-9714, msd4789@hotmail.com

Will you be attending our WWP zoom sessions on Sunday evenings at 7pm? Or Monday evenings at 7pm? *
Until further notice, our WWP gatherings will be conducted via ZOOM. Do you have the technology to participate in a ZOOM session (i.e. stable internet connection, a phone or computer with a camera? A phone or camera with both a speaker and microphone)?
I am aware there is no registration fee; however, participants are to purchase the "Keeping in Balance Bible Study" at the cost of $40. This book can be purchased by click here, or by contacting the parish office.

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