Christmas Mass Registration 2020

Dear Parishioners and Friends:
If you anticipate attending Mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, here at St Bernadette, Parish please complete this registration form.  Several masses will be live-streamed for those not attending in person.  The times of these masses will be posted in the bulletin and the website. 
The parish staff will contact those who have registered informing them which Mass they are scheduled to attend, along with instructions regarding arrival and seating for Mass.  Seating will be in the Church and the hall, where the mass will be live-streamed on an 85" TV.  
Please be sure to include the number of people who will be seated with you (non-social distancing).  

Christmas Mass Schedule

Below are the mass times for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In an effort to ensure a safe worship experience, we ask families to choose their 1st and 2nd preferences for Christmas Eve/Day mass. If you are only able to attend one specific mass, please provide details as to why this is the only possible Mass.   
The parish office will contact families by mid-December informing them which mass to attend.  
First Choice: Please select your household's 1st preference for Christmas Eve/Day Mass. *
Second Choice: Please select your household's 2nd preference for Christmas Eve/Day Mass.
(A mass that is different than your 1st preference) *
Is this the first in-person mass your household has attended at St. Bernadette Parish since March when virus protocols were put into place? *
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