Weekend Masses

This is an attempt to capture as many names as possible for Names Tags to assist Father Murphy and the other clergy and staff to put names to faces.   I (Father Patrick Carrion) had the opportunity, due to the virus, to put many names and faces together as  each registereed for mass and then greeting people as they arrive.   I also had only one parish of names, not two parishes.   
Please add additional household names besides the one written above to create the names tags.  Please input the name by which you are called ( eg.  Mike for Michael,  Kate for Katherine etc) Do not put the surname in the box, only the first name.   It is assumed the surname is the same.     If the surname is different, resubmit an additional registration or write the full name in the comment section at the end of this form.  The number of  names you include need not equal the number of people attending this mass. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can capture as many names of possible.  Once you write it once, there is no need to do so each week. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Farewell and Best Wishes to Fr. Patrick Carrion

On Saturday June 26th and Sunday, June 27th, the parish will be hosting a farewell honoring Fr. Patrick Carrion and his great work with St. Bernadette's. To help prepare for this event, we are asking that those who wish to attend register by answering the questions below. If you have any questions, please email our pastoral associate, Deacon Dan Miller (dmiller@stbernadette.org).
Will members of your household be attending the farewell reception? *

Mass Registration Instructions

Please submit by Thursday midday so that the staff can arrange the seating charts for the weekend. Please be in the Church 10 minutes before the schedule time of mass. Your reserved seat may be given to a WALK IN who did not register. 
Once you complete the form and click SUBMIT, an immediate acknowledgement will be sent to you. “Thank You: you have just successfully completed a FORMSITE form” OR the registration form will still be appearing with a message at the top to complete the form. The field(s) is/are highlighted that need attention. It may be that a required field was not answered or the phone number may have dashes or the @ sign is not in your email address etc.

Eventually, there will be an acknowledgment of your registration as well  in the INBOX or SPAM folder connected with the email you posted on the form.

In the event the Church becomes filled, the hall is set with an large TV screen to watch mass and Eucharist will be brought to the hall. 

Each mass is Live Streamed via FaceBook or You Tube.  Eucharist is also available for those Live Streaming from the parking lot.  During the communion procession please proceed to the Conference Room outside door. 

Please select one of the options below: If you know of other households with whom you are comfortable seating please note that in the COMMENT section. As more parishioners are vaccinated and returning, e.g. it allows one pew that formerly sat 1 COUPLE now can sit 2 couples. Typically with social distancing the limit is 100 people in the Church as each household has it own pew or there are 2 households or one person in a pew with an empty space between them. *
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