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Please use this form to provide the TFS verification team with the information and documents needed to approve your TFS Verified Supplier application.  
Encryption technology is used to ensure your information and file uploads are submitted privately and securely.  
The application process typically takes 7-14 days but can take longer depending on the overall quality and accuracy of the information  provided.  
If you have any questions oplease contact the TFS Verification Team at 
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Terms and Conditions

Vendor References

Alternatively you may provide us with two vendor contact emails and our team will request a reference on your behalf.

Insurance, Bonds, Trust Accounts

Do you carry insurance for financial insolvency?
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Are you are insured by or bonded with any of the following (please check all that apply)?
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Application Fee

The TFS Verified Supplier application and membership fee is $500 per year.  
Verified Supplier applicants will be given a TFS Registered Plus account ($250 value) while their Verified Supplier application is under review.   Account will be upgraded from TFS Registered Supplier Plus to TFS Verified Supplier once application has been approved at no additional cost.  

Thank you

We will be in touch with you very soon in regard to application and if we have any questions or require additional information.  
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