TravelManagers Travel Insurance Waiver Form

I acknowledge that I have been offered comprehensive travel insurance by TravelManagers Australia Pty Limited which subject to the product disclosure statement and policy limits may provide cover for the following;

  • If I become sick or have an accident before travel or during travel
  • If my luggage is delayed, stolen, or damaged
  • Cancellation or travel costs as a result of a relative at home becoming sick or dies.
  • If my travel documents, credit cards or money are lost or stolen
  • If my transport is delayed.

I acknowledge that DFAT strongly recommends the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance prior to travelling.

Passengers Acknowledgement

Having made my own enquiries I have decided to: *

Purchasing travel insurance other than through TravelManagers Pty Ltd

I acknowledge that TravelManagers Australia Pty Limited are not responsible, nor will I hold them liable, for any loss or damage I may suffer as a consequence of not purchasing travel insurance offered by them. 

Decline purchase of travel insurance

By signing this waiver I agree to release TravelManagers Australia Pty Limited and their authorised representatives from any and all liability whatsoever arising from my failure to purchase travel insurance.

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