We know this has been an unprecedented year and we have missed being on stage!
Tuscarora Theatre Booster Club (TTBC) is excited to annouce our first ever summer production camp!
The purpose of this camp is to connect rising 9 - 12 students while mounting a show. Currently participation is solely open to students enrolled in Tuscarora High School Fall 2021, however that may change based on enrollment.
The location of our camp takes place in our own Tuscarora Auditorium here on the following the dates and times:

July 6-10th (Tuesday through Saturday, Monday is a Holiday)

10am-4pm (1 hour lunch break, culminating with a 4pm performance on Saturday)

Students will participate in auditions, rehearsals and masterclasses in preparation for ONE of the following productions of a ten minute musical:

Cookie Soiree - Raquel, Gretel, and Sandy are everyone’s favorite girl scouts. Most days they can be seen outside the Walmart in Sugar Land, Texas selling their cookies. They’re so close to getting their cookie badges when two local troublemakers rob their moneybox! They may just be kids, but these three scouts prove that even the smallest packages can pack a big punch.

Pellets, Cherries, and Lies - In this heart-wrenching tale of addiction, a legendary video game golden boy must struggle to keep his family together while dealing with his late night binges. With the help of his wife, Ms. Pac-Man and his son, Junior, can Pac-Man free himself of his disease, or will he succumb to the seductions of Sue and her fellow ghosts?

Students have the opportunity to choose to be part of a performance track (with required audition on first day) or technical track.

2021 Summer Camp Registration

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Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Agreement & Liability Waiver

By filling out this form and signing below I  (the parent/guardian identified above) agree to the following terms:
As parent/guardian, I am giving my child (the participant identified above) permission to attend and participate in Tuscarora Theatre Booster Club's (TTBC) 2021 Summer Camp (July 6-10, 2021 from 10am to 4pm). I accept all artistic and supervisory decisions made by TTBC staff.
I understand that I will provide all transportation (at the aboved noted time) and meals for the participant and will pay the non-refundable $165 participation fee in full before the start of the activity. I understand that failure to participate in any portion of the Activity/Event does not guarantee the refunding of any portion of the particiaption fee. 
I understand that all Loudoun County Public  Schools (LCPS) rules and regulations apply during this Activity/Event.

I understand that my child’s participation in the above Activity/Event is voluntary, that it is not required, and that there will be exposure to activities involving risks of serious injuries.  I have read and understand the description of the Activity/Event and give permission for my child’s participation.

I understand that TTBC, LCPS and their staff will not be responsible for any personal property that may become lost or damaged during this Activity/Event and that TTBC and LCPS does not provide medical or accident insurance for student injuries involved with this Activity/Event.  I authorize and give permission for my child to receive first aid, emergency medical care and transport, medical treatment, and all other care deemed reasonably necessary for my child’s health and well-being in case of an accident, injury, or serious illness during the Activity/Event. I understand that I will be responsible on a primary basis for any related medical bills incurred.

Parent/Guardian Electronic Signature *

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

In order to securely register for the activity/event described above, the following payment of $165 to Tuscarora Theatre Booster Club must be checked below. This payment covers supervision/training, production royalites/rental, some costumes/props and a show t-shirt. *
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