GetRecD CoEd Slo Pitch Registration

I have a minimum of 3 females on the team. *
I may need some players (men or women) added to my team *
Two weeks prior to tournament date, team captains will be required to send in a team roster. Min 10 players, max 20 players on roster. All players on roster must be in the batting order.  Minimum 3 females must be on the field.
Each team must supply their own score keeper. Scoring sheets and rules will be provided to each scorekeeper.
Teams are guaranteed 3 games. Top 2 teams from each divison advance to semi's.
Beer Tent, Food, Silent Auction, Music will be available throughout the day from 11:30am-9pm. All proceeds go to GetRecD and will be donated DIRECTLY to cancer patients.
Team Captains must ensure each player signs and completes the code of conduct & liability forms prior to the tournament. Forms will be emailed to each captain after registration. 
Tournament will follow the SPO Rules with the exception of the below rules:
SPO Handbook can be found here
1) Players must be 19 years of age or older.
2) Teams must supply their own team bats. All other equipment will be supplied tournament day.
3) A commitment line will be drawn across the base path 20 feet from home plate. A safe line will be drawn across the base path at home plate. Runners crossing the commitment line must continue to home plate. Runners are not allowed to touch home plate. If a runner returns to third base after crossing the commitment line doing so results in an automatic out. Under no circumstances may the catcher tag the runner out past the commitment line, doing so results in the runner being safe at home.
4) There will be a maximum of 10 players on the field, 3 of which must be female.
5) If a male batter is walked on 4 pitches and a female batter is on deck, the male batter will be awarded second base.

6) A team cannot bat more than two male batters in a row.

7) Pinch Runners – Three per gender per game. The pinch runner may be any eligible player provided they are the same gender of the player they are running for.

8) Injury Runners – If anyone is injured they should not be playing. However if a player is injured during game play, they may have an Injury runner from first base. The batter may not advance beyond first base. The injury runner is the last out of the same gender.

9) No new inning may begin after 40 minutes. Games last 45 -50 minutes.

10) Maximum of 2 over-the-fence home run differential between teams at all times, if a batter hits an over-the-fence home run when their team already has 2 more home runs than the other team, the batter is awarded a single and runners may advance one base.

11) No intentional bunting, there must be a full swing. Intentional bunts will result in the batter being called out.

12) Infield fly rule will apply at the umpire’s discretion.

13) 6’ arc minimum required for pitches up to a maximum of 12′.

14) Outfielders cannot play on the infield line. They must play from 175’ from the infield line and back

15) All umpire play calls are final, players may not dispute play calls with the umpire, doing so may result in ejection at the umpire’s discretion. Ejected players may also be suspended by the league. Team captains may dispute rule interpretations with the umpire, but the umpire’s decision is still final. Captains may continue a game under dispute and the league will review the complaint. The outcome of the disputed game is still final. Abuse of umpires or other captains and players will not be tolerated and the offending player will be ejected from the game and suspended by the league.

I, the team captain, will cover the team entry fee of $800. (Payable in next step.) Fee Includes: guaranteed 3 games, lunch for each player, team snack box, umpires, equipment (excluding bats), prizes and a small donation to a cancer patient. *