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Fees and Terms

Class payments are non refundable.
However, if you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, then the payment may be applied to any other upcoming class provided by MAA that you are eligible to participate in. Anyone may register for the Basic Mediation Class. You must have taken a qualified Basic Mediation class in order to attend the Advanced (Family) Mediation Class. Both the Basic and Advanced (Family) are prerequisites for the CPS and/or the Eldercare Mediation Classes. - If you have taken a prerequisite class with an institute other than MAA please be prepared to provide proof of class attendance with your diplomas that you received from each course you attended.
MAA's Referral Check Promotion offers a $100.00 check, at MAA's discretion, to individuals (Referrer) that refer their friends or co-workers (Referee) to our basic mediation class and a $50 check for referrals to all other classes. MAA may limit the number of times this promotion can be claimed at their discretion. This promotion cannot be claimed after the referred class has begun. A Referee may not refer a Referrer. To be eligible for this promotion, the Referee must submit the Name and Contact Information of the Referrer via the Class Registration Signup Form.
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