Request to transfer an existing SMSF to SMSF Options
Use this form to submit details and documents of your existing SMSF which you would like us to take over the ongoing administration.
Please provide as much information as you can to help us get your SMSF up and running on our system in the quickest possible time.

Contact Details

Fund Details

Tip: You can locate the ABN of your SMSF by using Superfund Lookup

Details of the bank accounts and investments of the SMSF

At SMSF Options we are all about making the administration of your SMSF as easy as possible to enable you to focus on the more important things.
By providing details of the accounts and investment platforms / brokers you utilise, we can prepare the necessary authority forms to enable us to activate the transactional data feeds for your SMSF.  
This is key in enabling us to look after your SMSF in the most efficient way and has a direct impact on the fees you pay (makes them lower!) but more importantly the level of service and advice we can provide you.

Bank Account Details

Bank Account 1
Bank Account 2
Bank Account 3
Bank Account 4
If you have more than four bank accounts, please provide details in the "Other Investments" box below. The name of the bank, BSB and account number is the key information we need.

Direct Equities Account Details

If you have more than one broker account, please provide details in the "Other Investments" box below. The name of the provider, account number and contact person (if applicable) is the key information we need.

Portfolio / Wrap Account Details

Other Investments

Example may include
  + Property
  + Term Deposits
  + Other Managed Funds
  + Unlisted Investments
  + Artwork and Collectibles

Previous Accountant / Administrator Details

As part of the process the transition of your SMSF onto our system, we may contact your previous accountant / SMSF administrator and request they provide us with information such as:
- Your SMSF trust deeds
- Permanent records / register
- Trustee company register (where applicable)
- Prior year accounts / SMSF tax returns
- Trustee minutes
- Cost base information for investments
If you don't want to have any dealings with your previous accountant whatsoever please leave the section above blank and e-mail PDF / electronic copies of documents relating to your SMSF, directly to


Should you require further information or any assistance in completing this form, please email or contact us on (07) 5521 0029.
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