JSCAI Media Embargo Agreement

Acceptance of the Journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (JSCAI) Media Embargo Agreement is required for all media/press registrants. Please review carefully before completing.

I affirm through the completion of this form that I will follow and adhere to JSCAI‚Äôs established media embargo policy, upholding the posted embargo release times for all embargoed materials accessed via JSCAI. I further commit to the following terms: 

  • I will withhold the release of JSCAI embargoed news and publications prior to its embargo release date and time.
  • In addition to JSCAI embargoed materials, I will refrain from sharing my JSCAI login credentials with others.
  • I can confirm that my news/media publication has protocols in place to ensure that embargoed content will not be released or broadcast prematurely.
  • I am employed as a journalist with proper media credentials and do not hold any other professional roles that may conflict with my reporting duties.
  • I recognize that breach of the JSCAI embargo policies may result in termination of my JSCAI access and privileges, as well as other individuals employed by my organization.
I agree to abide by these terms *
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