JSCAI Editorial Fellowship Program

Overview: The JSCAI Editorial Fellowship Program provides fellows-in-training and early career interventionalists the opportunity to enhance their skills as reviewers of manuscripts and expand the JSCAI pool of qualified peer reviewers. The broader goal of the program is to increase involvement in, and commitment to, the journal peer-review process among early-stage researchers.

The JSCAI Editorial Fellowship Program aims to provide the opportunity for candidates to work with the JSCAI Deputy and Associate Editors, who have extensive editorial and publishing experience. The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) will issue an annual call for applicants. Applicants will agree to serve as co-reviewers of up to 12 manuscripts over the 1-year term. Selected candidates who successfully complete the program will be recognized as JSCAI Early Career Reviewers at the SCAI Scientific Sessions and at the SCAI Fall Fellows Conference.

Candidates will be paired with a JSCAI editor specific to their area of interest and will receive an overview of JSCAI editorial procedures and training on the peer review system. The JSCAI Editorial Fellow must attend JSCAI Editorial Board calls, as needed, to discuss the papers they have reviewed and, at the conclusion of the program, present a report on what was learned and why this has supported your career growth.

Criteria: Fellow-in-training or early career interventionist. SCAI defines an early career interventionalist as six years (or fewer) out of board exams. If you took a non-linear career path or breaks in your career, SCAI will still consider you for this opportunity even if you fall outside of the required range. Please note this in your application statement.

Expectations: Early Career Reviewers will submit completed reviews on time to JSCAI following the normal peer-review process.

Application: Applicants should include the following information in their submission materials:

  • Applicant name, position, academic rank, and CV.
  • A brief statement that illustrates the applicant’s interest.
  • A letter of recommendation from their program director or another senior faculty member.

Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by the JSCAI Editorial Team and the Editor-in-Chief. Final candidates will be notified by SCAI staff. 

Timeline: Applications are due by September 15, 2022. The selected candidates will be notified in October 2022. 

Applicant Information:

Applicant Education/Experience:

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Required: Documents

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