PowerOn Individual Tech Grant Application

Surviving and thriving in today's society requires virtual connection. A phone, tablet, or laptop is essential for completing schoolwork, applying for jobs, staying in touch with friends and family, and accessing vital online services like healthcare. While essential, these devices are often out of reach for many. PowerOn is dedicated to providing the LGBTQ+ community with the technology it needs to survive and thrive.
The PowerOn Individual Tech Grant provides life-saving and life-changing technology (cell phones, tablets, and laptops) to LGBTQ+ individuals.
In order to qualify for this grant applicants must:
1. Identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community
2. Be a able to provide an address within the US or US territory
3. Be over the age of 16
4. Be referred through an establishment such as an LGBTQ+ center, social service organization, school, university, etc. Referrals can be made by case managers, organization staff, teachers, counselors, advisors, professors, etc. If you have questions regarding whether your entity qualifies to make referrals please reach out to our team here.
*Applicants may apply for one device within a 12 month period.
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