Emergency Child Care Providers Substitute Referral Request

The Center on Early Learning and Youth Development (CELYD) in partnership with the Early Learning Division (ELD) is committed to supporting our emergency child care facilities that have chosen to remain open by providing referrals for Emergency Child Care Substitutes.

Emergency Child Care Substitutes are individuals who have worked in early learning and have signed up to provide care in approved Emergency Child Care Facilities through an online process. Substitutes have been screened for the following:

  • Current Central Background Registry clearance or Emergency Background Check clearance
  • Current CPR/First Aid or the online CPR/First Aid
  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 
  • Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety
  • Safe Sleep for Oregon’s Infants (if applicable)
If you would like to receive referrals to Emergency Child Care Substitutes, please complete this form and we will contact you.
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