Spark Program Update Report

Thank you for your program’s participation in Spark, Oregon’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System. Please complete this Spark Program Update Report (SPUR) to ensure your information is up to date and to share more information about continued participation in Spark.

It is also used to request rating reinstatements when programs become eligible or to request updated certificates to show that a rating is still valid.

Completing this report is one of the components needed to stay in good standing with Spark. Being in good standing is required to be eligible for future Spark opportunities, such as additional funding.

The Spark Program Update Report will collect information on:

  • Your program and children served in your program
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Commitment to maintain quality standards

The Spark Program Update Report also provides you an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on quality improvement goals achieved
  • Identify activities to achieve goals
  • Share your intent to advance to a higher rating

A. Program Information Update/Verification

What is the purpose of completing this report? *
2. My program is *
5. Same as mailing address? *
8. Is your program accredited by an outside accrediting agency? (not licensing) *
9. Check accreditation type:
10. Other Program Type: (check all that apply) *
14. Is the director/provider also the contact for Spark? *
16b. Can this number receive text messages related to Spark? *
18. Are there children with disabilities in the program? *
20. Are there children on IFSP/IEPs in the program? *
23. Primary language/s of children served. *
24. Indicate the age groups served by your program and the number currently enrolled in each group. Estimate if needed. (Each individual field is required) *
 Is age group served? (Type Y or N)Number currently enrolled or "0"
6 weeks - 17 months
18 months - 35 months
3 year olds
4 year olds
5 year olds
6-12 year olds