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Your Knowledge in Food Safety

1. Refrigerator thermometers should be stored: *
2. The food safety manual requires that you scrub your hands for approximately: *
3. Which one of the following can make people sick? *
4. The following steps are used to calibrate (making sure a thermometer gives accurate readings) a metal stem probe thermometer. Which one of the following steps is false? *
5. Food that makes people sick will often: *
6. Food handlers can contaminate food when they: *
7. You found cooked rice left out on the table all night; the safe way to handle it is to: *
8. Which of the following is true? *
9. Expressed breast milk must be used within how many days of thawing? *
10. A beef roast should reach a temperature of at least *
11. When should you use a food or probe thermometer? *
12. All bottles and training cups must be: *
13. Food stored in the refrigerator must be kept: *
14. When washing dishes in a three (3) compartment sink, you should mix the sanitizer by: *
15. To prevent bacterial growth, food must be kept at temperatures of: *
16. Drinking from a mug while preparing food is: *
17. Which one of the following can make people sick? *
18. A big pot of thick white sauce has just been removed from the burner. Which of the following is the best way to cool the sauce? *
19. The best way to check the strength of the sanitizing solution is to: *
20. Pork must be: *
21. You cooked a 25-pound turkey for making sandwiches. Which one of the following will keep the turkey safe? *
22. What information should be labeled on bottles and containers for storing breast milk? *
23. Which of the following spreads germs? *
24. The best way to wash your hands after using the restroom is to use: *
25. When you have a cut or burn on your finger or hand, you can: *
26. How fast does food have to cool? *
27. You finished cutting up a raw chicken and put it in the oven to cook. You should: *
28. Chicken must be cooked to an internal temperature of: *
29. Which of the following is true? *
30. When serving family style meals: *
31. After cutting raw meat on a cutting board, you should: *
32. Which foods are allowed in cooking projects involving children? *
33. To properly keep food cold for a display: *
34. What is the best reason to stir liquid foods (like soups & gravies)? *
35. How should you cool solid foods such as a roast? *
36. It is okay to wear disposable gloves if: *
37. Using a hand sanitizer only helps with food safety after you: *