Public Comment Form for QIBA Profiles

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L: Low. Typo or other minor correction that an editor can manage; requires no group discussion.
M: Medium issue or clarification. Requires discussion, but should not lead to long debate.
H: High. Important issue where there is a major issue to be resolved; requires discussion/debate.
Line #: Shows exactly where in the original document the issue occurs, and is necessary for sorting.
Section #: Shows in which section the issue occurs (e.g., 4.1.2)
Issue: Describe your issue; include enough to indicate what you see as a problem.
Proposal: Propose a resolution to your issue, e.g., suggested new wording or description of a way to address the issue; leave blank if no resolution can be provided.
*If you have more than 10 comments, please submit additional forms as necessary

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 Priority (L, M, H)Line #Section #IssueProposal
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