University of Plymouth Guardianship Form

University of Plymouth Guardianship Form:

Information for Guardians:

If you have agreed to act as a UK based guardian for a University of Plymouth applicant or student, thank you.

We require all applicants who will be under the age of 18 on commencement of their studies* to provide us with details of a guardian in line with our safeguarding policy which can be found on the University website .

The nominated guardian must be living in the UK with a UK postal address, be able to speak English and over the age of 18.  The guardian will be contacted by the University in the case of an emergency or in other situations where a guardian may be required.

The guardian cannot be a student at the University of Plymouth or University of Plymouth International College (UPIC) unless they are a sibling or family member of the applicant, where they must also satisfy the requirements stated above.

We do this as part of our approach to supporting students under the age of 18 who will be commencing study at the University.

The guardianship form can be found below. Please note the nominated guardian must complete this form, it must not be completed by the applicant or student.

Completion of this form is a condition of the applicant’s offer so it must be completed and returned by their guardian in order for their offer to become unconditional, when other offer conditions have also been met.


  • Please note we may contact you to verify your details and to confirm you are prepared to act in this capacity for the named applicant / student


  • If the applicant / student does not know an appropriate person in the UK who could undertake to be their guardian, they will need to engage the services of a professional guardianship company.


  • We advise applicants to use The Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students to search for an appropriate guardian. Applicants will need to provide proof of their contract with the agency.  The Guardianship Agency may be contacted by the University to check they have the correct details registered for the University.


  • The UK guardian (including friend/family member or guardianship agency) does NOT act as legal guardian for the under 18 applicant or student, this responsibility remains with the parent or legal guardian.  The role of the UK guardian for University study purposes will cease on the 18th birthday of the applicant/student.


  • If students are progressing from UPIC to the University section of their course and are still under 18 at this time, they are permitted to continue to use the same guardian assigned for their UPIC study, if they wish.


*By this we mean the start date of their induction week in the relevant academic year that they commence their studies


  • If the student decides to cease their arrangement with a UK based guardian we ask them to inform the University as soon as possible. They will be required to obtain another guardian in the UK if they are still below the age of 18 at that time.


  • If the guardian’s details change before or during their study with the University of Plymouth, we ask the student to notify the University as soon as possible.


  • We would appreciate it if the nominated guardian could also contact the University if the student ceases their arrangement with them before their 18th birthday. Please see our web pages for contact information for the various faculties.


The University of Plymouth is required to inform people about the ways in which we use personal information.  Please visit the link below for further information.


Applicants who will require a Tier 4 visa:

Please note we are unable to issue the applicant with a CAS until all the conditions of their offer, including completion of the guardianship form, have been met.