CAS Request Form (Existing Students)

Thank you for enquiring about a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies).
Please read the following information before you complete a CAS request.
Important information

It takes time to process your CAS request so please do not leave it to the last minute.

1. A CAS is only valid for six months from the date it is issued. So if you have not
started to prepare your documents or you do not have sufficient funds in your bank
account for a full 28 days then we would advise that you wait or email so they can explain your options.
2. A CAS cannot be used more than once. If your visa is refused and you wish to
make another visa application you will need to request a new CAS. You will need to
state the reasons in the table below why your visa was refused.
3. If you have interrupted your studies and you are applying for entry clearance
from outside of the UK, you might be able to apply up to 6 months before the
course start date/start of term.
4. When you make your Student visa application you must include all 
documents required. Failure to do so could result in a visa refusal.
5. If your current visa is due to expire soon or has expired then you should
contact the ISA team urgently for advice.
6. In some circumstances i.e placement, transfer, you may be required to obtain new leave within a certain time period, or before you can commence that part of your course or transfer.

If you are certain that you can satisfy all of the Home Office requirements to
make a visa application then please answer ALL of the questions in the form

Please be aware that if the form is not fully complete than this could delay your CAS
being issued.

Personal and Passport Details

Are you applying from within the UK? *
Have you ever had your visa curtailed? *
Have you had a visa refusal? *
I am from Hong Kong and am a British National Overseas passport holder *
If you have a British National Overseas (BNO) passport please confirm how you will be applying for a Student visa
Please note that if you intend to apply for the BNO visa you must have had this visa granted before the University will be able to permit you to enrol on your course with us. Please email our International Student Advice Team at before completing this form. 
Will you be bringing dependents with you to the UK? *
Please note that if you intend to bring children to the UK and are permitted to do so within immigration rules you must have made suitable arrangements for their care during the duration of your studies, so that childcare responsibilities do not interfere with your studies. Your primary reason to be in the UK is to study, so please be aware that if you are unable to study and attend as required, or you are unable to be resident in Plymouth due to needing help with childcare, we may withdraw sponsorship of your Student visa.
If you are intending to bring family with you to Plymouth, the accommodation options in Plymouth for families are extremely limited. You must research research potential properties and the associated cost of living that are available to rent before travelling to Plymouth and consider travelling on your own to secure suitable accomodation. Accommodation in University halls is not deemed appropriate for family occupancy.
I understand that I am required to be based in Plymouth and agree to the above *

University of Plymouth Course and Fee Details

Have you ever transferred course at the University of Plymouth? *
Are you a self-fee payer? * 🛈
Are you or have you ever been sponsored by an official sponsor? * 🛈
Have you informed them that you need to extend your visa?

Please note that this is your responsibility. Failure to do so can result in your studies being terminated if not agreed.


Your study history in the UK

Have you studied anywhere else in the UK, except for studying with the University of Plymouth or with UPIC? *

Why do you need a CAS?

Please pick one reason *

Your Location

I understand that if I am issued with a CAS by the University of Plymouth and my Student visa is granted, I will be required to live in Plymouth or the surrounding area. I understand that if I fail to do this, or to provide my address details when requested, the University may withdraw sponsorship and my Student visa would be cancelled (curtailed). I confirm that I have researched the  accommodation available in Plymouth and am aware of the campus location.

I also understand that I will be required to attend taught sessions face to face on campus as my programme requires. This is in addition to engaging with my course through other means, for example submission of coursework, logging onto the digital learning environment, exams, tutorials, presentations etc. I understand that if I fail to attend taught sessions face to face as required, the University may withdraw sponsorship of my Student visa. (This applies only to taught programmes not research).


Additional Information - Postgraduate Research (PGR) Students Only

Location of Study - PGR Students Only

Once I have obtained my Student visa I plan to remain in Plymouth for the remainder of my programme *

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

If your programme requires ATAS clearance, you should apply for a new ATAS at least one month before you intend to make your visa application as the processing times for ATAS is approximately 30 days.
My programme of study requires an ATAS *
I have applied for my ATAS *
I confirm that I will now apply for my ATAS *
Please check JACS Code on UNITe and Home Office website for further information

Your Student visa responsibilities

As a Student visa holder you must comply with the conditions of your visa. 

We have detailed the conditions below, if you have any questions or concerns about this then please contact an international student advisor for further information.


1) The University is required to keep copies of passport pages showing all personal details and visa stamps or documents to evidence your entitlement to study in the UK. This can also include a Biometric Residence Permit or your electronic evidence of your visa. You must complete this right to study checking process before you can complete your programme enrolment, and will be required to do so before every stage of your programme here.

2) You must study only at the university that issued you with the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) that you used to apply for your visa. In order to change institution, you will need to make a new Student visa application with a CAS from the new institution.

3) You must keep your contact details on the student portal up to date so that the University can contact you when required. This includes your home address, local Plymouth address, mobile phone number and personal email address. You must check your University of Plymouth email account regularly.

4) You must engage fully with your course of study, attend everything required and engage honestly with systems put in place to monitor your engagement.

5) You must tell your faculty office and the compliance team or ISA about any planned or unplanned absences that mean you can't attend classes or will be away from the University during study time. Please complete the absence / mobility form found here if your absence is known about in advance, or whenever possible

6) You must tell the compliance team about any changes to your study location, for example a period of mobility, by completing the absence / mobility form that can be found here

7) You must not withdraw from, suspend or defer your course unless you intend to return home or make a visa application for a new institution.

8) If the University of Plymouth and / or University of Plymouth International College have informed you that we have stopped sponsoring you under a Student visa, for any reason (your own decision to withdraw or suspend studies, an academic, or compliance related decision, or as per the Fit to Study Policy), you must follow the instructions given by the International Student Advice team and UKVI Compliance team, regarding your immigration status and departure from the UK. Failure to do this may mean the University will not be prepared to sponsor you under a Student visa in the future. You must also supply details of your travel plans to leave the UK i.e. copy of flight ticket, when requested.

9) You must inform the UKVI of any change to your circumstances, for example changes to your personal details and contact details, any criminal convictions and changes to your dependant’s details. To report a change, use the MCC application form – contact an advisor in ISA or see ISA webpages for additional information.

10) You must only work as per the conditions associated with your visa. Working more hours could have very serious negative consequences for future visa applications and for your studies at Plymouth or elsewhere in the UK.

11) You cannot be self-employed or engage in business activity, take a full time permanent position, be employed as a doctor in training (except on a recognised foundation programme), be employed as a professional sportsperson or sports coach, or be employed as an entertainer.

12) You must pay your tuition fees to the University of Plymouth and/or University of Plymouth International College in a timely manner

13) Please check your semester dates – they will not be the same for all students, so please be aware of the dates that apply to you.

14) You must abide by the current laws of the United Kingdom

15) You must inform us promptly of any visa refusal you receive with a CAS supplied by the University of Plymouth (or University of Plymouth International College), and supply all the documents relating to your refusal to the UKVI Compliance team. If you intend to submit an application for administrative review you must also supply the University with these details and documentation promptly. Failure to do so, or to inform the University that you have received a visa refusal, may mean that the University (including University of Plymouth International College) will not issue you with a further CAS in future.

16) You must register with the police within the given time period if it is a requirement of your visa

17) If you change immigration category you must supply your new immigration documentation for scanning to ISA as soon as possible after receipt. If you receive further correspondence from the Home Office regarding an ongoing immigration application this should also be presented to ISA for scanning.

18) As a Student visa holder you should be aware of your time limit. If you have any concerns you should ensure you discuss them with an international student advisor at the earliest opportunity, so that your time limit can be checked.

19) If you are required to repeat a part of your course or are referred in some modules you should contact ISA to discuss how this situation affects your visa.

20) If you wish to undertake a work or study placement or exchange programme you should contact ISA to discuss how this will affect your visa. You may be required to obtain new immigration permission before commencing the placement or exchange.

21) You should be aware that changing course (transferring to another programme) may have implications for your visa and may not be possible in some situations. Please discuss this further with your Faculty or an advisor in ISA.

22) We reserve the right to withdraw or interrupt you from your studies if you have no valid immigration permission, are an overstayer OR in our reasonable opinion you cannot submit a valid Student or other visa application within required deadlines, and we have no evidence to show that you have left the UK

If we are sponsoring you under a Student visa we expect you to be engaging fully with your studies. Your acceptance of a CAS signifies your agreement to do the following:

  • If you are on an undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme, including where repeating, you should be attending all timetabled sessions and meeting with your dissertation supervisor monthly during the dissertation period. You should expect to have regular engagement points.
  • If you are a postgraduate research student you should be completing your interactions on GradBook monthly and engaging regularly with your supervisory team, including during periods of mobility.
  • The Student visa route is not for distance learning therefore if it becomes clear that you are based away from the UK or the University without authorisation, or for unacceptably long periods of time where mobility has been authorised (PGR only), we may stop sponsoring you under a Student visa.
  • We may also stop sponsoring you if you fail to engage with your studies fully, so please ensure you are clear about timetabled and other course commitments. If you are unsure, please speak to your Faculty as soon as possible. You must engage honestly with University systems put in place to monitor your engagement and attendance. If it is found that you have or have attempted to evade or deceive these systems and processes you may be subject to disciplinary procedures.   

Failure to follow the above responsibilities may result in the University reporting your situation to UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) and may also result in your withdrawal from your studies at the University of Plymouth. You would then be required to leave the University and the UK. 

I understand that my acceptance of a CAS signifies my acceptance of the above conditions. *

Your declaration of consent

I hereby give my consent for an authorised staff member from the University of Plymouth (UoP) or University of Plymouth International College (UPIC) to request my personal data from the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)) and for the UKVI to release that information to either UoP or UPIC, should this be required, and specifically relating to the following information: *
I give permission for the University of Plymouth (or a person authorised by the University of Plymouth) to contact my next of kin or a UK based person named below in the event that the University cannot contact me and they have a significant concern for my well being *
Please ensure you have read and understood these responsibilities. We want you to be sucessful and enjoy your time at Plymouth. Attendance on your course and engagement with your studies are monitored to ensure compliance with UKVI obligations. 
I also confirm that I will read the student visa responsibilities list and University of Plymouth CAS policy, which can be found here:
Please note the following points:
  1. Your engagement record will now be checked before a CAS will be issued to you. If it is not satisfactory the University may decide not to issue you with a further CAS, or may not issue it until your engagement is up to date. For a Postgraduate Research student we will require that all interactions in your GradBook record are fully completed to date.
  1. A CAS will not usually be issued if you have tuition fees debts.
  1. If you have been informed that you must apply outside the UK, then you may be requested to provide evidence i.e. flight ticket to show that you have left the UK and bank statements to support your entry clearance application.
  1. Requesting a CAS does not guarantee that one will be issued. As the Student visa sponsor, we are not obliged to issue a further CAS if we think you are breaching visa conditions, have poor engagement with studies, have tuition fee debts, cannot complete your studies within the study cap and if the course cannot now lead to an award for which you had your original visa.We will also consider your previous compliance with our instructions if, for example, we stopped sponsoring you on a previous visa and asked you to leave the UK. A further CAS may not be issued if you ignored our previous instructions and/or we reasonably believe you have not shown compliance with University and / or immigration requirements.
  1. You will be emailed when your CAS is ready.Thank You.

By requesting this CAS I understand that the University may be required to disclose to UKVI and/or the UK Home Office details about my enrolment, academic engagement, attendance and other information as required by the Student sponsor guidance and as part of the University of Plymouth's duties as a Student visa sponsor, and/or when requested by a UK Home Office, UKVI or Border official.

I confirm that I have read and noted the following points:

The University of Plymouth does its best to make sure that the dates entered on your CAS (course start and end dates) are as accurate as possible, but please note academic schedules can change. We cannot include graduation in the dates of your programme supplied to UKVI

We advise that you check with the University regarding the completion date of your programme, before taking up any employment in your wrap at period at the end of your course

Please note that if you are issued with a further CAS, it means we have assessed your continuing suitability to be sponsored under the Student route by the University of Plymouth and to continue with your studies. Should you wish to participate in the Graduate route after your studies, your eligibility to apply for that visa would need to be assessed at the time. Please also note that changes of circumstance or study location etc. during your studies, may affect your eligibility for the Graduate route.