Patriot Properties, Inc.
Disclosure Package Request Form
Please complete this form in order to request resale disclosure documents for your community. Our staff will begin processing this request upon the first business day we receive this form. Standard turn around time is 14 days. A Rush package will be delivered within 7 Days.
If your property is a member in multiple community associations you may be responsible for requesting documents from each individual association.

Resale Package Format

Please select the options and format for your resale package below
Electronic Disclosure Package by Email ($264.08) *
Paper Resale Package ($293.42) *
Resale Package Update ($58.69) *
All resale packages include a $117.37 property inspection fee. If your community does not include an inspection, this fee will not be charged at settlement. 

Payment Authorization

Patriot Properties, Inc. allows resale packages payment to be defered until settlement. If Settlement does not occur within 60 Days, the cost of the resale package will be charged to your account.
You are also welcome to pay for your resale package in advance. Payment can be mailed to/or dropped off at our office.
By electronically signing below, I understand that under the Property Owners Act of Virginia as well as the Condominium Act of Virginia, Patriot Properties, Inc. and any community that it manages has 14 days from the date of receipt of this request to provide your resale package. A Rush package will be delivered in 7 days.
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