Grant Application

Please use this form to apply for a grant from the New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation.
Please read through the form to ensure that you have gathered all of the information required to fill it out completely. You will not be able to save and continue on the form. Once you start filling out the form, if you have realized that there is something that you do not have, please email us at and you will be emailed your result so that you can re-enter the information.
- Priority will be given to grants involving young Children
- The New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation will consider only grant applications from Kiwanis clubs or Kiwanis-family sponsored falling under the auspices of the New Jersey District of Kiwanis International. If this grant is approved, your Club is required to submit a report upon completion of the program/project.
- Capital improvement requests will not be considered; this includes, but is not limited to, constructing buildings and purchasing land.
- The Foundation Board will not consider applications for grants in excess of $2,500.00.
- The grant must further the goals and ideals of Kiwanis and promote the growth and development of Kiwanis in the area.
- Nonprofit organizations in the U.S. must be qualified by the Internal Revenue Service for tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) organization and have proper liability insurance to indemnify the New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation.
- The New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation Board of Trustees approves funding of grants throughout the year. Once submitted, the grant will be reviewed by the committee and the proposal will be voted on at the next Foundation meeting. Notification will be made within 90 days following the Board’s decision.
- The decision of the New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation Board of Trustees is final.
- The New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation must be credited for funding the grant making the program/project possible.
- Grant funding commitments are made for 12 consecutive months only.
- The Foundation will not fund a grant to the same program for more than three consecutive years.
- The recipient organization of an approved grant may spend up to and including the specified amount for the sole purpose of the program for which the amount was approved, and will receive up to the approved amount after submitting copies of paid invoices to the President of the Foundation, or may request that the Foundation pay the vendor invoices directly.
- The Foundation requires grant recipients to submit six-month and one-year reports on the program, including professional quality color photographs(digital photographs are acceptable) for publication purposes.
***Please Note: When uploading your supporting documentation, they must be uploaded in one of the following file type: Word (.doc or .docx), Excel (.xls or .xlsx), Adobe PDF (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or as a Picture (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png)

Project/Program Information

Please enter the sponsoring Kiwanis Club Information for the following questions:

General Information


Project/Program Balanced Budget

As part of the grant application, please prepare a summary budget as outlined herein. Further, attach a narrative description of the program for which funding is sought and include an explanation of each line item in the budget (direct and indirect costs) and how the cost was determined. The following guidelines will help categorize program expenses.
Salaries and Fees: Include all staff salaries that are allocated to the program. Identify each position, salary, and percentage of time to be devoted to the program.
Fringe Benefits: Include related benefits and taxes allocable to the salaries listed. Identify fringe benefits as a percentage of salaries.
Consultants: Include all fees, honoraria, and expenses paid for consulting and professional services of individuals or organizations that are not paid staff of your organization. In the budget narrative, identify consultants and anticipated costs individually.
Printing/Publications: Include expenses for production of all printed materials. Identify specific publications, number of copies planned, and anticipated size of each publication.
Media Costs: Include radio, television, newspapers, billboards, newsletters, etc.
Telephone: Include all telecommunication expenses. Identify how anticipated usage is determined.
Supplies: Include office supplies, subscriptions, books, and other material under US$250.00.
Postage: Include postage expenses not incorporated in above categories. Identify basis for calculating estimates.

Please fill out the following tables with the information from your prepared budget
REVENUE (Funding Source) *
Grant Request to New Jersey Kiwanis Foundation: $
Operating Income Contributed by Applicant to the Program $
Other Foundations and/or Not-for-Profit Organizations $
Public Agencies $
Corporations $
Individuals $
In-Kind Contributions $
EXPENSES (Anticipated Expenditures) *
Administrative Expenses $
Salaries and Fees $
Fringe Benefits $
Consultants $
Telephone $
Printing/Publications $
Media Costs $
Supplies $
Postage $
Other (Please explain) $

*Budget must be balanced

Project/Program Narrative

Project/Program Details

Please answer the following questions in detail about the proposed program

Grant Application Supporting Documents

The following documentation must be attached with this grant application:

Please upload a logo, video link, news documentation, brochure, and/or professional quality photographs (digital is acceptable) that could be used for possible publications and that explain the program.
***Please Note: When uploading your supporting documentation, they must be uploaded in one of the following file type: Word (.doc or .docx), Excel (.xls or .xlsx), Adobe PDF (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or as a Picture (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png)

The Foundation of the New Jersey District of Kiwanis International, first established 1971,  is  a  United  States Internal Revenue 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The purpose of the New  Jersey Kiwanis Foundation, of which every Kiwanian in New Jersey is a  member,  is  to  provide  financial  assistance to service programs that agree with and support the objectives of Kiwanis International and the New Jersey District of Kiwanis International. This purpose is achieved by making financial grants to Kiwanis-family sponsored programs and to Kiwanis service programs, the scope of which is beyond the means of individual Kiwanians, Kiwanis clubs, or local club foundations. Members of the  Foundation’s  Board of Trustees, appointed by  the  New  Jersey  Kiwanis  District  Governor with the approval of  the  New Jersey Kiwanis District Board of Trustees, are responsible for establishing  and enforcing the policies  and goals of the Foundation.

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