**The teacher reserving the trunk will be the one assuming responsibility of the contents
We do not deliver or mail the trunks.  They will have to be picked up and returned by the teacher.
The trunks are not available for homeschool use.
Fill in the information below to request the reservation of a trunk.

* The trunks are available for up to one month. There are only two trunks, so it is important that the trunks are returned on time for the next reservation.
* Teachers are responsible for picking up and returning the trunks unless special arrangements have been made.
The trunks contain many books and items so they are heavy.
Please provide an alternate date if you can.
Please choose 2 dates, if you can.
Thank you for your request. We will contact you to confirm your request and date.
Feel free to call with any questions.

Lyles Station Historic School & Museum
PO Box 1193
Princeton, IN 47670
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