Aluminum Strainers
Dimensionally stable, eco friendly products that can be ordered Foldable for large format transportation and Knock Down where the support can be disssembled and shipped at lowers costs than traditional strainers. NOTE: If you intend on stretching polyester or sizing linen additional braces will be required. Standard Braces 1x1, optional Braces are 1x2 & 2x2. Recommended Bracing
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Cradeled Wood Panels
Our standard cradled wood panels are 1.25" deep and utilize torsion box construction to provide a lightweight ridged surface. We also offer a hybrid panel that incorporates an Aluminum perimeter to added stability. More information
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Notch for Canvas Fold
Options for Canvas, Linen and Polyester
Optional Poly Backing for Aluminum Strainers. Requires Additional Braces 
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