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Paying for your child's attendance

NOTE: for payment choices other than a credit card,
please scroll to the bottom of this form.
NOTE: If you choose to only
send the $50 deposit, we will
process the outstanding balance
in the two weeks preceding the
camp your child is attending.

Payment using a credit card

Complete the following section only if you are requesting "Geared to Income" or an "Extended-Payment" plan. Otherwise proceed to the last green section (below).

Our "Geared-to-Income" and "Extended-Payment" Plans guarantee that no child who wishes to attend Golden Lake Camp is ever turned down for financial reasons.  Simply complete the section below and send in the form.  Our registrar will then register your child for camp, and contact you by phone or email, to work out with you a rate you can afford, or design an "Extended-Payment plan that will work for you.  If you have questions, call us at 1-888-659-2267, or email us at 
PLEASE NOTE: When we contact you, all information we receive is confidential.

If you are paying by credit card, or requesting "Geared-to-Income," you are almost done! Just click "Submit". If you are paying by e-transfer or by cheque, click "Submit" and then return to our website for further instructions.

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