In what division will you be competing at this event?
Is this pass for: *
Cost: (You are not required to buy a Pre-Judging Ticket) *
This backstage pass must be worn at all times by the Backstage Holder and will not be shared with other individuals throughout the entire event. Any misuse or sharing of Backstage Passes, the Promoter's will immediately remove the backstage holder from the backstage area. It is at the discretion of the promoter's who will be eligible for any backstage pass. The purchaser agrees to buy an Evening Finals Ticket and will provide it above in order to be eligible for the pass. *
*The cost of a Backstage Pass is $120.00 (including ticket) or $75.00 (if you've already purchased a ticket) that must be paid immediately via Email Money Transfer or Certified Cheque or Money Order.  All certified cheques or money orders, please send to:
Heather LeBlanc
23 David Court
Dieppe, NB
E1A 0J7
You may also send an email money transfer to:
Question:  What is this for?   Answer:  backstagepass
All backstage all access passes will be laminated with the backstage holder's name visibly displayed.  It can be picked up during Registration - April 10th at the Host Hotel or at the front door on April 11th, 2020.  The pass will be in the Competitor's name.  This pass is non-refundable and non-transferable.