In what division will you be competing at this event?
Is this pass for: *
This backstage pass must be worn at all times by the Backstage Holder and will not be shared with other individuals throughout the entire event. You must also purchase a VIP Ticket for the evening show. (Package Deal included for $115). Pre-judging seating is free. Any misuse or sharing of Backstage Passes, the Promoter's will immediately remove the backstage holder from the backstage area. *
*The cost of a Backstage Pass is $75.00 and you must purchase an Evening Show VIP Ticket that will be issued by the Promoters.  The tickets are $55.00 each for a total of $130.00  BUT our special backstage/VIP Ticket Package is $115.00, that must be paid immediately via Email Money Transfer.
You may also send an email money transfer to:
Question:  What is this for?   Answer:  backstagepass
Cost:  $115
All backstage all access passes will be laminated with the backstage holder's name visibly displayed - as well as their VIP Ticket will be included (guaranteed up front seating).  It can be picked up during Registration - October 4th, 2019 or at the front door at the Casino Molson Canadian Centre entrance between 5 pm and 6 pm.