Direct-Loading Milk Tankers With In-Line Sampler

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Multiple Choice

Choose the correct answer for each question.
The sample container should be labeled with which of the following items: *
How should the temperature control or pilot sample be correctly labeled? *
Which sampling plan provides for one sample that can be used for all laboratory analysis? *
What is the temperature control or pilot sample used for? *
Why should all sample containers be filled not to exceed ¾ their capacity? *
Milk samples are required to be kept at what temperature? *
Stored milk samples do not need to be protected against contamination. *
Sample containers used by milk haulers/samplers shall be: *
The in-line sample collection system should maintain milk samples at what temperature? *
The inline sample device refrigerator and the sample storage refrigerator temperatures shall be checked and recorded, how often? *
How is the in-line sampling systems nozzles and fittings cleaned and sanitized? *
Agitation of the in-line sample prior to pouring sub-samples is done by? *
The purpose of inline samplers is? *
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