KY Horse Rescue Equine Adoption/Foster Application

Applicants must be
over the age of 18.
Are you over 18? *
Will the horse be
kept at the address
above? *
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An application fee of $20 is required, if not paid when or shortly after application in submitted, then you will not be elligible to adopt. This can be paid through PayPal to: *
Do You currently own any equine? *
If yes, how many
do you own?
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Do you have a barn for the equine? *
What size is the equine's pasture? *
How many horses will be kept in the same pasture? *
Is their available shelter in pasture? *
Does this person have experience with horses? *
What is your riding level?
If horse is adopted, or you are applying for more then one horse, select what you are looking for in a new family member:
I have used this vet for: *
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