JA 2020-21 Program Updates for Educators

Webinar Options | Elementary School * 🛈
Webinar Options | Middle School * 🛈
There are no more high school webinars scheduled. If you would like to learn more about JA's High School programming this fall, please contact Stephanie Murphy at smurphy@jacolorado.org. 🛈

Please check back as more dates will be added.

For questions on elementary school programming, please contact Jill Hrnicek at jhrnicek@jacolorado.org.

For questions on middle school programming, please contact Meg Chapman at mchapman@jacolorado.org.

For questions on high school programming, please contact Stephanie Murphy at smurphy@jacolorado.org.


Educators in Northern Colorado and Wyoming, please contact Kelsey Noroski at knoroski@jacolorado.org.

Educators in Routt County, please contact Kelly Latterman at klatterman@jacolorado.org.