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JA Stock Market Challenge, presented by Charles Schwab

We are looking forward to seeing you at the JA Stock Market Challenge on March 14th & 15th! Thank you for completing this form by Wednesday, March 7th by 5pm
Please complete this form for EACH team. (If you have three teams, you must submit this form three separate times). 
--Prior to making your selections, please have the stock picks for all of your student teams on hand.
--Remember, each team has a maximum of $500,000 to spend and 26 fictitious stocks to choose from. 
--"Quantity of shares" refers to the number of units or shares you want, not the actual dollar amount you will spend on each stock pick.
--If your stock picks are not done according to the instructions or result in an excess of $500,000, we reserve the right to randomly select your stocks for you.  Please be very careful with your calculations!
Please contact Lauren Errico at

Each team of 6-8 students must submit this form.

Please select the team number for which you are completing the form: *
Enter the full name of the team captain (student name): * 🛈

Team Stock Picks

Note: teams may purchase up to five stocks if they select to choose their own stocks (instead of a random portfolio).
The stock options will not appear until you answer the question below.  
As you make your stock selection, you will be prompted to enter the number of shares (not dollar amount) you would like to purchase.