Application Form:

Please submit this application form to apply for space in “Demonstration Street”. Companies whose applications are successful will be notified within two weeks and booked into Demonstration Street.

Please also note that to be eligible for Demonstration Street you must already be registered for the event(                                                                                                                                              

Signage (information you would like displayed with your sample):

We will use the contact details you provide here for signage to display alongside your sample.

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Terms and Conditions for Demonstration Street

The company supplying the sample will:

  • Be responsible for the delivery and collection of the item.
  • Ensure that the sample is fully insured.
  • Ensure that the sample is in full working order and provide the necessary power supply and driver/transformer, if required.


  • Will not be held liable for any damage and/or loss of the sample.
  • Reserve the right not to show the sample