Application for Bursary Fund and Free School Meals 2023-24

Thank you for enquiring about the College Bursary Fund.
Please complete this form if you would like to apply to:
  • Continue to receive Free School Meals
  • Receive Free School Meals and the Bursary
  • Receive the Bursary only. This includes if you are applying to borrow a digital device to use in the classroom

Important information

Both parent / carer and student have to sign this form, so please complete it together. You will also need to have all the information you need to hand, ready to upload.
Once you have started, you cannot save the form part-way through. Incomplete forms cannot be processed and you will have to start again.
Make sure your application form is completed correctly by following the guidance below. You will be asked to supply any missing information, which may slow down your application.

Ask for help

Our friendly staff are on hand to help you with your application. If you have a question or are facing emergency financial difficulties, please email

Check that you are eligible to apply

Please tick the box below to confirm that you have read the eligibility guidelines on our website. If you would like to check your status against our criteria, please follow this link >> 


We request that you submit this form as soon as possible, preferably by June 30 2023.

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